Vital Salveo/Brace-3D Knit Knee Brace S PRO-PRESSURE PAD

9.5" Adjustable Strengthen Open Patella Knee Support/S-Stays


SIZERegular/Large fit



Item style: CJ-7108

CDN$ 65.84

Product Function :

  • Innovative Fiber

Using germanium material release the far infrared and negative ions to make the physical activity getting energetic and improving blood circulation. Keep your better performance and increases joint endurance.

  • Adjustable Open-Patella Design

Keep your knee joint stabilized, provides excellent knee protection. Ideal for people suffering from knee problem, relieve the discomfort from exercise.

  • Ideal for Sports and Daily Wear
    Premium neoprene provides great breathability and maximum comfort. Having adjustable elasticity can be worn for all day. Perfect for hiking, running, basketball, soccer, football, golf, cycling, tennis, volleyball, training and so on.
  • Specific Design
    Two steel springs on either sides to provide better support and prevent slips. Supporting your knee and maintain great status during training and exercise.
Bamboo Charcoal and Germanium