Vital Salveo/Brace-3D Knit Knee Brace S PRO-PRESSURE PAD

Germanium Long Knee Sleeve (1PC)







Item style: CJ-6206S

CDN$ 45.21

Product Function :

  • Innovative Fiber

 Using special ore fiber will release far infrared and negative ions to improve circulation and increasing oxygen-carrying capacity to speed up the healing and reduce the swollen.

  • Comfortable & Pain Relief

 Seamlessly knit structure is comfortable to wear and for an exact fit. It also applies stable pressure across your knee joint for improving your activities. The graduated compression increase circulation for faster recovery and relieves pain.

  • Easy To Put On And For Most Sports Activities
    It is very light and perfect for the amount of stress on the joint such as running, jogging, football, soccer, basketball, cycling, golf, tennis, volleyball, hiking, and more to maintaining your peak performance.
  • Upgraded Anti-Slip Design 
    Weaving silicone gel on the top edge of the sleeve for anti-slip during intense activities. Make sure you pull the sleeve on the correct position, so it can stay in place and prevent it slip. If you have sensitive skin, we recommending take it off, and rest for a while, and do not wear it for a long time period.