Gym Exercises Could Be Ruining Your Knees

If you are going through the cycle of gym-joint pain-break-gym then you need to carefully consider what kind of exercises you are doing. According to the Journal Of Athletic Training, there are certain sports that can cause damage to your knees just like there are certain gym exercises that can cause damage to your joints. We feature a list of the gym exercises that could damage your knees more than you know. Wearing proper equipment clothing and protective gear like " knee sleeve" are important while exercising. 



Worst Gym Exercises For Your Knees


1.Leg Extensions


During leg extensions, large weights are placed on the ankles. This puts added pressure on the knee joints to push the weight back. If you are looking to exercise your quadriceps or patella then doing squats, or lunges are just as effective without risk of injury.




If you do insist on doing leg extensions, you have to take the necessary precautions. Warm up is always important before any gym exercise. You should also consider wearing an adjustable " knee sleeve". These can help improve blood circulation to your joints. The open patella design ensures that your kneecaps are stable and well massaged during even the most strenuous exercises.


2.Uphill Treadmill Run


While casual running might actually be good for your bones and muscles, uphill treadmill runs could do more harm than good. If you are a beginner then you should definitely avoid putting your knee is such an uncomfortable position.



As with any other exercises stretching the relevant muscles before the activity is always a good practice as is wearing the right protective gear. A 3D knit " knee sleeve" for instance provides improved circulation to the joints. If you already have knee pains, it also aids in injury recovery and helps relieve pain. The unique design offers you a comfortable experience while also ensuring a wide range of motion throughout the entire day.


The 3D Knit Brace S-Support also helps improve your endurance making sure you are able to go longer in the gym. Something we only recommend when you are using the 3D knit " knee sleeve".


3.Heavy Weight Lifting


Unless you have been professionally trained you should avoid jumping straight to the heavyweights. A gradual increase in weights actually helps build muscle, reduce fat and improve bone conditions. However, even the most seasoned weightlifter will tell you what a toll it can take on your joints without the right knee brace.



Most amateurs and professionals alike prefer to use the 3D Knit " knee sleeve" Train-Tec S Pro (Pressure Pad). In fact, if you are suffering from knee problems, it provides the best stability for intense physical exercises such as weightlifting and kickboxing. The warmth, support, and compression from the design, material (germanium and bamboo charcoal material) provide excellent support for better circulation and improved blood flow.


Using this " knee sleeve" also helps reduce the wear and tear on the joints. The added pressure gel pad prevents collisions and massages the surrounding areas.


While these could possibly be the worst gym exercises for your knees, wearing the right " knee sleeve" can help to aggravate the injury and up to some point even help heal your fatigue faster. While wearing the " knee sleeve" does not guarantee an injury-free workout, it surely reduces the probability of one. Always make sure to thoroughly warm up before exercising, and as we've stated all over the blog, make sure to always wear the right equipment when you exercise.


If you have any more questions about measures to prevent knee injuries, or the best gear to wear to protect your knees, please do get in touch or leave your questions in the comments below and we'll do the best we can to help. Until then, stay safe!




Written by: MaximusW