How many kinds of knee sleeves do you know?

(Magnifying the kneecap) 


Nowadays, people are focusing on exercise to expand and increase the life quality. People often go jogging or ride a bike during the weekend. However, there were many injuries while we exercise due to lack of information about preventing and protecting. Moreover, aging will accelerate knee joint degeneration, osteoporosis, and other issues. Therefore, wearing knee sleeve may become your best option.  


Most importantly, seek doctors before you purchase any kinds of knee sleeves, and prevent making the further mistake to have secondary injuries. Thus, before any purchase, people need to know their situation, such as osteoarthritis suite for an assisted knee brace. On the other hand, if you have a sports injury, then based on the injury part to purchase, such as ligament or patella assisted.  



In general, at least one or two years will need to renew knee sleeve, to make sure the products still functional. If it is for professional needs, such as people who work on the counter, they need to stand all day long. Thus, they will need more comfortable knee sleeve while they are working.  



There were several knee sleeves/braces on the market:

1. Adjustable knee sleeve/brace

2. Cylinder-covered kneepad

3. Wraparound braces.

All of these knee sleeves may add different assisted, such as, far infrared. Vital Salveo had added germanium which can increase temperature to keep your knee warm. 


Different kinds of knee sleeve


1. Adjustable knee sleeve


This type of knee sleeve can be stable and adjustable based on its size. Moreover, it can settle either too loose or too tight.



2. Cylinder-covered kneepad


This has various styles; Vital Salveo has 5 Cylinder-covered kneepads: 


A. Cylinder-covered kneepad with support


 It mainly suite for standing all day long, they need the most. The knee sleeves can support kneecap and reduce the pressure and relief pain.

B. Cylinder-covered kneepad without support


It feels less pressure and comfort. It can relieve muscle stiffness, soreness and keep warm.

C. Cylinder-covered kneepad be thicker


Allowing you stay warm and comfortable during the winter. Moreover, it also can relieve pain, muscle stiffness, soreness from sports injuries. For those who love to sports, do not miss the thicker Cylinder-covered kneepad - Knee Sleeve ST3.

D. Cylinder-covered kneepad with compression and gel pad


Adding gel pad will be more stable to the knee joint and patella. It is suitable for weight training or more intense exercise. Furthermore, it can avoid the angle damage caused by the joint rotation while you doing sports. Vital Salveo launched a Train Tec S Pro knee sleeve on the January of 2018.


3.Wraparound braces


It is focusing on people who have exercise frequently, such as badminton, cycling player, long-distance running, that they use knee the most. Therefore, the wraparound braces will stable the knee; reduce the pull caused by tendons when exercising for a long time and provide the tendon to rest. It is also suited for patients who suffer from Patella Tendinitis. 




Kneecap is the support of the human body, so be early to maintain. By choosing the right knee sleeve to protect your knee.