“Knee Sleeve” may help elderly from Knee Osteoarthritis


Everyone will get older, but how do to protect ourselves or for the senior?


When people become older, your knee might not be flexible or strong enough to hold your body than before. Thus, the article will illustrate situation may happen to senior people and will have some pieces of advice to those circumstances. Importantly, listen to the physician or other qualified health professionals before.


Knee Osteoarthritis


It is common happen for those who have overweight or cause a sudden movement or a direct knock that strains the knee or wear and tear on a long-term knee problem. Moreover, cushion needed to absorb shock between the bones, however, as we age, the cartilage in our knee decompose, which is commonly known as Osteoarthritis of the knee (OA knee).


There were some symptoms: joint pain, swelling, bruises, stiffness, bone spur formation, and limited movement.



Thus, some suggestions may help the situation, due to different kinds of circumstances:


Physical therapy, Medications, and Knee replacement surgery (for those have seriously damaged).


 Based on the different situation have different treatment. Most importantly, seek doctor or physical therapist for advice!!!


How do we recovery or prevent ourselves? 


Exercises may increase the muscle strength and the flexibility of your knee and improve heart function and blood circulation. Strong muscle can support and protect the knee joint to keep your body stronger while you're walking, running, and other activities.



Importantly, warm up before doing any kinds of exercise.


There some sleeve that may suit you


During the activity, they are several knee sleeves may help you by doing many different sports. Some knee sleeves can support your knee while you are jogging, or others may keep your knee warm from cold weather.



But an essential thing is comfortable and sustains your knee. Some knee sleeves might even provide some material to relieve the pain. Furthermore, there were several designs for different purpose. For example open patella knee sleeve: it can reduce pressure through the kneecap.



On the other hand, the closed patella knee sleeve: cover all knee part maintaining the heat to body temperature.


Therefore, by trying the variety of products to find your own knee sleeves which fit you the most, and seek the doctor or physical therapist for advice before you purchase any kinds of the knee sleeve.








(This article was based on Simply Medical.)