Maybe you fell down and landed awkwardly on your hand, or you have a condition that causes you pain in your wrist, at one point or another, you’re going to need a wrist brace.




A wrist brace is worn to help mostly for rehabilitative purposes to help heal wrist injuries or give support for painful or weak joints.



There are two kinds of wrist braces, one that allows you to work and move whilst it is on you and another that requires you to keep your wrist still. Depending on the level of discomfort or soreness you experience, you can adjust the tightness around your wrist (the tighter the wrist strap, the more stabilized the wrist is.)

Bamboo Charcoal and Germanium Wrist Sleeve
Bamboo Charcoal and Germanium Wrist Sleeve
Bamboo Charcoal and Germanium Wrist Sleeve
Bamboo Charcoal and Germanium Wrist Sleeve


  • To prevent and protect you from injuries.

Like anything in life, most activities that require extensive physical interaction do increase our chances of injuries. Wearing a wrist brace can protect your wrist from injury. The brace itself stabilizes a part of the wrist that even if you did fall awkwardly on it; the amount of injury would be minimized, reducing your chances of getting hurt.

  • Carpal Tunneling

No, it’s not some weird tunnel for cars; it’s an actual medical condition wherein which the median nerve (the nerve on the palm side of your hand that gives feeling to your thumb, first two fingers and a little part of your ring finger. Essentially, one of the main reasons to get a wrist brace is to help combat and alleviate the pressure that this median nerve undergoes in order to have your wrist working and functioning properly. Most wrist braces are designed to deal with the nighttime symptoms that occur and to reduce the pains and needles’ feeling from the wrists.


  • Loving and taking care of ourselves

Sometimes, we just want to look after ourselves. Getting a wrist brace for your wrist is just as good as a face mask for your face. On a serious note though, if your job requires a tremendous amount of wrist action, you are going to strain it in one way or another. Wrist braces can strengthen your wrist muscles so that your wrists less likely to either get strained or, more importantly, injured.


  • Injuries

This is the point where in which you fell or randomly injured your wrist and a wrist brace is needed for the rehabilitation process. Depending on the seriousness of the injury, your wrists brace may allow a little bit of room to move around or still do work. Others though, completely restrict and movement in order for a proper rehabilitation process to happen. The hand and wrist have many tiny bones and tendons that can be strained by doing the simplest of things while injured, causing relapse injuries. Therefore wrist braces prevent the chances of injuring oneself more.


  • Arthritis

Arthritis is a tricky syndrome to treat compared to others because unlike flu, it doesn’t go away after taking antibiotics nor does it completely disappear after surgery. There are many different things that the doctor may suggest to a patient in order to make living with arthritis a little more pleasant than unpleasant. Among the long list of things to do, getting wrist braces are ranked among the top. Since then bones are under duress as the cartilage between them deteriorate, with the friction that occurs from bone to bone contact - it can make life pretty painful, and it does that real quick. In order to combat the weakness of joints, stiffness and swelling, wrist braces often stabilize and support to lessen the amount of swelling and pain from inflammation. This lessens the frequency and severity of symptoms, especially in the morning.


According to the American College of Rheumatology, that there was a 32% decrease in wrist pain when wrist braces were worn for as long as possible. (https://www.rheumatology.org/)


  • Healing from surgery

Post-surgical healing is made easier through patients wearing wrist braces. Wrist braces offer protect at the place where in which the operation took place and, as mentioned before, accelerate the process of healing, but also, making the patient a little less distressed.


  • Tendinitis

Just like Carpal Tunneling and Arthritis, Tendinitis also affects the wrist area quite a bit. In most cases, it’s a recurring motion injury which is mostly caused by using the wrist way too much. When the tendons were been pulled too tight (from overuse without warmups), they will swell and hurt. It is often confused with Carpal Tunneling. Wrist braces alleviate all these symptoms through the stabilization of the wrist.


Compression Recovery Wrist Sleeve
Compression Recovery Wrist Sleeve


Compression Recovery Wrist Sleeve
The compression recovery wrist sleeve has soft fabric and within it, lays innovative fiber that keeps your wrist comfortable by deodorizing and moisture-wicking it.
It also has a cool feature - it has a wrist sleeve that covers the palm area. This reduces pain, improves blood flow, stimulate joints and gives support.
It’s great for everyday activity that doesn’t require any strenuous activity.





- Carpal Tunneling which is also named median nerve compression is a syndrome wherein which the median nerve (on the palm side of the hand) is under constant pressure as it travels to the hand, causing it to weaken nerve impulse on the side closer to the thumb. The compressed nerve causes pain and needles’ feeling (tingling), and weakness in the hand. As mentioned earlier, the median nerve contributes to feeling in the thumb, index, middle and ring finger.





- Motions that are repeated.


If you are sitting by a desk every day, or stacking boxes on shelves, doing the same set of actions, without warming up or attempting some wrist exercises you are likely to get Carpal Tunneling. The carpal tunnel is a small channel in the wrist. The median nerve passes through this channel constantly, and when motion is repeated, this channel becomes narrower which then causes the nerve to get stuck and not travel towards the hand.


- Health Conditions.


Some health conditions aggravate carpal tunnel syndrome. These include; Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Thyroid imbalance. Carpal Tunneling is either a symptom or develops as another structure deteriorated over time.


- Pregnancy.


When a female is pregnant, her hormones are all over the place. This unfortunately can cause immense swelling around areas with hard working joints such as the ankles, knees and wrists. This swelling puts pressure on the median nerve, further triggering carpal tunneling.


- The Position of your Hand and Wrist.



Sometimes remaining in awkward position for an extended period of time can increase the likelihood of the median nerve receiving pressure.



A wrist brace can help with Carpal Tunneling by stabilizing the wrist. By stabilizing it (keeping the wrist straight), effectively reducing the pressure that is applied to the median nerve.



If there are pains, or a tingling, or needles’ feeling in your hand.


Numbness towards the side of your thumb.


Weakness in your hand.


It is even more important to note the fact that these symptoms are worse after waking up.



Before I mention which products to use, I would like to mention their shared features:


They both provide graduated compression and support for joints when worn. This then reduces swelling by improving circulation in the wrist area.

They contain bamboo charcoal and germanium fiber which release far infrared and negative ions which can alleviate chronic fatigue as they recover cells and body energy.


The compression recovery wrist sleeve has soft fabric allows for more freedom of movement unlike normal hard wrist braces which a designed to restrict movement.



Compression Recovery Wrist and Thumb Sleeve
Compression Recovery Wrist and Thumb Sleeve


Bamboo Charcoal and Germanium Wrist Sleeve

Unlike The Compression Recovery Wrist Sleeve, The Bamboo Charcoal and Germanium Wrist Sleeve is ideal for strenuous activity such as exercising and muscle training.

The design of the sleeve is not obtrusive (anti-slip feature), so much so, that you can play sports, tennis, basketball, or any vigorous activity. This makes it ideal when playing sports.

The design of the wrist sleeve is such that it can be worn throughout the day without feeling uncomfortable. It also reduces swelling and provides support as it improves muscle endurance.

Each product can be used by the same person as one can be used through strenuous activity and the other through normal day to day activity.


Feel free to share with us any more ideas you could be having.


Each product can be used by the same person as one can be used through strenuous activity and the other through normal day to day activity.


Feel free to share with us any more ideas you could be having.


Each product can be used by the same person as one can be used through strenuous activity and the other through normal day to day activity.


Feel free to share with us any more ideas you could be having.