Vital Energy-  hollow quick-drying warm shirt






Product: Men's hollow quick-drying warm high-collar shirt 





Item style: CA-21302

Material: Polyester Airplus Yarn 50 %、Polyester Germanium Yarn 50 %
Color: ( Dark Grey/ Light Grey / Dark Red)

Size:    6 / 8 / 10 / 12


  • Far infrared improves circulation and metabolism
  • Negative ions give you full of vitality
  • Germanium fiber release far infrared and negative ions
  • Negative ions - heal body, relieve chronic fatigue and restore energy by improving blood flow and increasing oxygen-carrying capacity
  • Far infrared - Prevent soreness and discomfort, eliminate fatigue, increase body oxygen levels, restore energy by penetrating subcutaneous tissues
  • All warm shirt are designed and made in Taiwan, quality guaranteed
  •  It is suitable for sport, outdoor clothing and other application


The design combined with the hollow fiber section and Y-section to reach 20-25% light effect. It has soft  feeling and fluffy, wicking and quick-drying good effect. Also having excellent insulation effect.

Direction of Use




Hand wash gently with mild detergent


Spin dry and clip hang under shade


Do not bleach

Dark Grey                                                       Light Grey                                                        Dark Red

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